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Welcome to the online home of the Queensland Clarinet and Saxophone Society Inc.

QCASS is a Not-For-Profit organisation run by volunteer staff to promote and encourage the learning and enjoyment of clarinet and saxophone playing. One of our primary aims is to facilitate collaborative events and support students and teachers in Queensland.



Over the weekend of 5/6 November, the Queensland Clarinet and Saxophone Society hosted Super Single Reeds ‘16. This was the largest gathering of guests, teachers, players and students the Society has organised for many years. Headlining the weekend were French clarinettist Paul Meyer (with many thanks to the Buffet Group) and Saxophonist Anton Delecca (with many thanks to D’Addario). Their classes and performances on the Saturday got the weekend off to a flying start and set the standard for some excellent sessions and discussions on the Sunday. Clarinettists Paul Dean and Brian Catchlove led the clarinet group through a refresher course in breathing and finger position basics, accompanied by a live fingering chart in which the two clarinet players themselves shared their new discoveries. Brian then held the clarinet room captive with a session on emergency repairs for your clarinet. After a brief stroll around the well-stocked displays, Dr Stephen Emmerson gave a breathtaking discussion about the Brahms E flat sonata from the perspective of the piano part. Along with Masters student Nathaniel Smorti and Paul Dean, they discussed the many things we don’t usually notice about phrase lengths and rhythmic and harmonic intricacies when stuck in a practice room with just the clarinet part in front of us. The students left with a much deeper appreciation of the depth and complexities of this incredible pillar of the repertoire.

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